Juice Machine games

"When life gives you lemons, make a game studio" - everyone ever

We are looking for a 2D artist!

About you:

We want you with a designer's touch in 2D art, who will handle most of the 2D graphics for 1000 Days, including character design / animation, UI, as well as help with textures for 3D objects.

We have an office space in Karlshamn so being located in Blekinge is preferred (not required). You do not need to have any previous experience working in the game industry but it's always a plus!

For your application we would like to see the following:

  • Character art

  • A short character animation

  • Anything else you would like to show us!

We would love to see what kind of art that you make so please attach your art portfolio to your application.

If you feel like you want to be a part of this then feel free to

email an application to davidloof@juicemachinegames.com.

We will contact you as soon as possible!

Let's make some freshly squeezed games!

About Juice Machine Games:

Juice Machine Games is a really young company, so young that we aren't technically a company yet!

We are waiting for the right time and don't want to start for real until we have a full team.

We are a team of three people with a burning passion for video game development and design.

Our current project is a game called 1000 Days, a turn based strategy game in a futuristic fantasy sci-fi setting.

Our current goal is to create a prototype good enough to gain funding from publishers to make it a fully fledged game.

We are a small indie studio so you will be working closely with everyone involved.

We are in need of a fourth member to be our 2D artist and also with an ambition to officially start this company with us. To be one of its founders.

We don't have the ability to give anyone a salary yet. Everyone in the team is, and has been, working for free for quite some time.

Our goal is to change that and fund this game so that we can work on it full time.

what we do

1000 Days (current project)


1000 Days is a turnbased strategy game in a futuristic fantasy sci-fi setting.


"As humanity fled the planet and started living on the man made islands they are now facing a new threat. The flying whales. Since the whales use the sky as their feeding area and catch the birds and other flying animals for food the humans are now in their way. Scientists now started working on a weapon in order to get rid of the bigger whales that threaten the islands. The weapon was meant to kill whales older than 1000 days. With only one sole adult survivor, humanity fell into chaos. Every single adult person was wiped out and only the assistant who controlled the weapon survived along with all the children under 1000 days old. The robot maids and assistants were still functioning and could care for the children left behind but were only capable to provide them with food and shelter."

A young woman fights alongside with her siblings to stop the "reboot of humanity" incident that occured 20 years ago from happening again. Take a step into a world filled with astonishing technology left from a fallen world and with humanity on the brinck of extinction


Imagine minigolf.....now add weapons.

Now hear me out.

As in minigolf we take advantage of our surroundings to curve the bullets to hit our enemies, use the walls around you to strategically get the upper hand. You can also make use of other mechanics such as magnets that draws the bullets towards it allowing more advanced gameplay.

Game Jams

Dennis in the closet

Dennis in the closet is a physic based game where you fumbles around in your room and figures out different ways on how your life could have ended! (Don't worry you are a skeleton so you are pretty much dead already)

Made by Julia from Juice Machine and Isac from Mana Brigade.

We also won the jam! Hurray!

Soon on itch.io!

Deploy Annoy

Play as Earl, an annoyed madman who takes his unjustified anger out on his neighbors during a party.

Made by David & Julia together with two friends, Felicia and Isabelle on Nordic Game Jam 2018

Meet the freshly squeezed crew

David Lööf

  • Admin

  • A fountain of ideas

  • Actually likes excel

  • Inhales korvstroganoff (sausage stroganoff)

  • Lifts heavy shit

Julia Elmhammar

  • 3D artist

  • Narrativ designer

  • Enjoys structure & order

  • Leadership in smol format

  • Lives on coffee

Albin Liljegren

  • Programmer

  • Tofu consumer

  • Morning person

  • Night owl

  • Friend of all dogs