1000 Days is a turnbased strategy puzzle game in a futuristic fantasy sci-fi setting.


"But as the weapon malfunctioned, disaster followed. With only one sole adult survivor, humanity fell into chaos. Every single adult person was wiped out and only the assistant who controlled the weapon survived along with all the children under 1000 days old. The robot maids and assistants were still functioning and could care for the children left behind but were only capable to provide them with food and shelter."

As XCOM meets minigolf in this sci-fi / fantasy environment where you use your knowledge of the world and take advantage of your surroundings to bend and bounce balls to hit your enemies, using the walls around you to strategically gain the upper hand.

As a player you accidentally come into contact and absorb a biological weapon and must now not only fight for your own and your siblings' survival but also carry the weight of the future of this dysfunctional world on your shoulders.