Open testing out now!

Deploy Annoy is out on Google play for open testing!

Click the download button or scan the QR Code and start annoying. We would love you to fill out our form that you find in the app and don't forget to rate us!

Shoot, destroy and collect!


Deploy Annoy is a satisfying destruction/demolition mobile game

Game play

Your neighbours annoys you wherever you live, they party, are loud and it drives you mad. All you want is some peace and quiet! You take things into your own hands and now you become the annoying neighbour who is ruining their fun by wrecking their home. Use your trusty bazooka and shoot bouncy balls to ruin as many objects as possible in a satisfying and destructible way.

Collect all the stars on each map by ruining/destroying as many objects as possible.

This is our main project, check out our social media for more updates!